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Find your VOICE. Create your PEACE.

Whispering to Granddad

Imagine if instead of a strange, traumatic event someone could help you experience death and loss as natural milestone in life. If, when you're given news that sends you reeling, there could be someone there to help you


  • process your feelings 

  • make concrete plans to care for yourself and loved ones

  • help you find meaning

  • create a sense of legacy 

  • educate you on what to expect

  • make plans for what you want the last months, weeks, days, and minutes to look like

  • be there at the bedside to guide and comfort during the active dying process

  • support your loved ones as they begin to grieve

I'm here to help you understand your choices and advocate for them under the most challenging circumstances.

Services for individuals and families facing a terminal diagnosis range from $55-$990 depending on your needs.

I will meet with you free of charge to talk about your unique situation and put together a package that makes sense for you.

Lending a Helping Hand

Schedule a free meeting to discuss your needs. The sooner you reach out the more help I can provide! 

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